Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'v changed to btinternet,and cant get into my old yahoo email .?

my email i'm trying 2 get into is .since changing to btinternet i cant find my email. hope u can help trisha

I'v changed to btinternet,and cant get into my old yahoo email .?
All you CLICK on OPTION select ACCOUNT INFORMATION your registration page will open , look at your Email address and make sure its added on,if not CLICK on EDIT next to email and ADD your old address in make it your primary for a while so you can find out what happen, do not forget to save changes.
Reply:Yahoo is still having some problems at the moment. If you look you will find lots of people cannot send/receive/delete mail at the moment. I was advised to uninstall Javascript and then reinstall the latest version from You could also try for the latest Flash player. This worked for me. If it does not for you then apparently it's only in the all new version. Try returning to the Classic version for now. Good luck use this link to get back
Reply:your first mistake was switching to bt, ive recently switched to them, and boy was that a big mistake. fools dont know what they are doing, my 3 yr old son could do a better job than them.

i dont know what is going on with your email addy, maybe you should send an email to yahoo, stating your old addy and see what they can do for you.

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